Maxi Cosi EasyFix Isofix Base


Brand Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi EasyFix Isofix Base


•Car Seat Base For Maxi Cosi Cabriofix

•Attaches Using Vehicles 3 Point Seat Belt•Secure Lock Off

•Colour Indicators Display Correct Fitment

•Support Leg For Additional Safety

•Makes Car Seat Transfers Much More Convenient (Trust Us!)


In todays modern life, parents tend to be in and out of the car a number of times in a short space of time.Even just nipping to the local shop by car requires you to install or remove a car seat 4 times!

Although once you get the hang of it, installing a car seat is straightforward, the Maxi Cosi EasyFix base makes the process quicker and easier whether you've done it only two or two hundred times!

The base simply installs by attaching to the vehicles ISOFIX points (please confirm your vehicle is fitted with ISOFIX points) and is secured into position semi-permanently. This offers very easy click-and-go installation of CabrioFix car seats with colour indicators to know the seat is in securely, particularly helpful for friends or grandparents who may not install the seat as often. 

Other features include the adjustable support leg which automatically snaps into correct vertical position, whilst the base is also ideal if your car has a short seat belt as it does not use as much belt as an infant carrier.

As a long-time and leading specialist in child mobility, Maxi-Cosi offers the most advanced concepts in child car seats. Their car seats are tested in excess of the most stringent legal safety standard, with unrivalled top consumer test ratings. Your child’s safety is Maxi-Cosi’s top priority, so that you can enjoy those precious moments with your little one even more.