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Babymoov Nutribaby Steamer And Blender

£89.99 £84.39

Brand Babymoov
Babymoov Nutribaby Steamer And Blender
The 1st food processor that you can use right from birth!
From birth to baby led-weaning, the Nutribaby is ideal thanks to its 5 functions: use as a bottle warmer and steriliser in the early months and when baby is ready for weaning, you can cook steam and mix food! 100% automatic, it has the largest capacity of the market, ideal for twins or big family. 
A 5-in-1 food processor for babyhood and beyond!
A true kitchen genie that ideally caters for the early stages of a child's development through to baby led-weaning and beyond! It provides 5 functions:
Steam cooking to maintain freshness, flavour and the nutritious values of foods
Mixing to prepare soups, sauces, purées
Warming bottles and jars
Sterilising bottles and accessories
Defrosting small meals prepared in advance
Thanks to the Nutribaby you will be able to adapt to the needs of the whole family! This food processor has the biggest capacity of the market that can hold up to 1500 ml in the cooking baskets and 600 ml in the mixing bowl. Ideal for twins or big family. The bottle warming and sterilizing functions cater for up to 3 bottles at a time. You can set the correct time to the minute through the aid of the easy-to-use LCD digital timer, removable cooking baskets and useful 'nooks' to cook eggs.
Cook a variety of foods separately in the two baskets to feed children of varying stages of development with relative ease: steam cook a fillet of fish, whilst cooking vegetables for baby and a boiled egg for an older child. It's easy to clean, each of the parts being dishwasher safe - FREE from Bisphenol A (BPA).
Why Buy Me?
Big capacity (up to 600ml)
Set the correct time for perfect cooking
2 baskets to separate the food groups
Separable cooking and blending units for easy storage
Can warm and sterilise bottles
To the minute adjustable cycle duration (memorisation of the last cooking)
Tritan: cooking baskets (BPA Free)
SAN: mixing bowls (BPA Free)
PP: lid and trays (BPA Free)
230 V / 500 W (warm phase) - 230 V / 400 W (blend phase)
A baby recipes book offered
The Nutribaby is a very complete and convenient baby food processor. It provides 2 baskets to separate the food groups, and thus preserve nutrients and taste. You can easily set up the correct cooking time thanks to the minute adjustable cycle duration that memorize the last cooking time. There are sound and visual alarms to notify when it's the end of cycle, when there isn't not enough water or when the connection is weak. Automatic shut off.
You can chop food thanks to a button on the top of the bowl (possibility to open the cover during chopping to add liquid to adjust the texture or any other ingredient to create an original recipe). There is a water reservoir accessible for easy cleaning. You can separate the cooking and blending units for easier storage.
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