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Safety 1st Slam Stopper - 2 Pack


Safety 1st Slam Stopper - Pack of 2

The Safety 1st Slam Stopper is ideal for preventing your child's fingers from getting nipped in a closing door. The Slam Stopper is positioned on the outer edge of the door (the opposite side to your door hinge), so that when the door closes it is prevented from closing fully. This means that a small gap is created when the door is shut, making sure fingers are not trapped.
The Slam Stopper is made using a dense yet flexible foam, meaning that they can be easily fitted onto the majority of standard thickness doors by gently pulling the edges apart. It also doesn't easily lose its shape after being used, and when your door does close the Slam Stopper's foam material compresses to take the impact of the door frame; this means that the Slam Stopper won't mark any door frame woodwork. If you do decide to remove the Safety 1st Slam Stopper, then all you need to do is gently pull it off.
The Safety 1st Slam Stopper isn't just great for preventing fingers being trapped in doors, but is also useful for preventing your door from slamming shut; so, when a sudden gust of wind blows through your house or when generally closing doors while others are sleeping, there won't be a loud banging sound. This product can be used just like a door stop, but there is no risk of tripping over as the Slam Stopper is positioned directly onto the door instead of on the floor.
Why Buy Me?
Each pack contains 2 slam stoppers
Made of dense but slightly flexible foam
Helps to prevent fingers getting caught in a closing door by preventing it from fully shutting
Fits onto the majority of standard thickness of doors
Slam Stopper is positioned on the outer edge (opposite side to the hinge)
When the Slam Stopper is in place it will keep the door ajar
Easily removable when no longer in use
    11.7 (l) x 2.3 (w) x 7.2 (h) cm
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