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Tiny Love Discover The World Play Mat


Brand Tiny Love

Discover the World Play Mat

Explore the world with the adorable animals

The Tiny Love Discover the World Mat invites babies into a playground of developmental fun and discovery. This plush mat and its rich theme and textures stimulate baby’s senses while helping them to develop cognition, emotional intelligence and fine motor skills. At the beginning of a baby’s life, parents can lie next to their baby, cuddle and talk to them. As the baby grows, the play mat becomes an interactive and highly imaginative experience. Ideal for playing indoors and outdoors, the Tiny Love Discover the World Mat folds to a compact size and has integrated carry handles for easy transportation which makes it a must have for every parent.

Suitable from birth to 12 months, the Tiny Love Discover the World Mat is an extra-large playground with six activities to support your baby’s development and provides parents with a fun and interactive place to bond with their baby and explore the world together. On each continent you can discover adorable animals with its unique activity, such as the crinkly peekaboo elephant ear or the bear with soft fur tail. The engaging mirror encourages extensive tummy-time play for upper body exercise to strengthen back, neck and shoulder muscle. Thus your baby will learn independent head lifting and will develop the strength to push themselves up.


Summary of features:

• Suitable from birth to 12 months

• Extra-large developmental playground with multiple indoor/outdoor uses

• Stimulates baby’s gross motor skills, imagination and creativity

• Rich theme that can tell a variety of different stories

• Strengthens the bond between parent and child by playing together

• Explore the world with the adorable animals, each one with its unique activity

• 6 activities to support baby’s development

• Adjustable stand-alone mirror for extensive tummy-time play

• Engaging peek-a-boo elephant ear for bonding time with baby

• Bear with fur, teether, 3 peek-a-boo windows and tiger with ribbon to entertain baby

• Folds to a compact size to fit in shopping basket of a pushchair

• Carry handle for easy transportation

• Washable (30°C)

• Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm

Dorel Customer Care: 01284 413 141

What is in the box:

1 x Tiny Love Discover the World Mat

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Mirror