Tiny Love Follow Me Fiona

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Brand Tiny Love

Tiny Love Follow Me Fiona

This Tiny Love Follow Me Fiona baby activated electronic dog is the ideal crawling companion. She has an accordion-shaped body that can be set to move in a straight line as well as in a circular motion so she can encourage your little one to get on the move. She also has speed control, mirror with beads, hologram and bright buttons to activate noises.


6-9 months

Before baby begins to crawl, place Follow Me Fiona in circular mode. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise. Place the toy in front of your baby on the floor and touch it to trigger its movement.

9-12 months

The cheerful music and slow movement will attract baby's attention and encourage him to reach forward and eventually to start crawling.

Multi-stage crawling companion in the shape of an adorable puppy
  • Baby-activated electronic dog encourages baby to crawl by barking and playing a friendly tune.
  • Flexible middle allows Fiona to turn in circles.
  • Promotes fine motor skills, cognitive and emotional abilities.
  • Adjustable speed control.
  • EQ
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills